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Macfarlane Homes, Inc. was founded in Lexington, Kentucky in 1987. Duncan Macfarlane quickly developed a reputation for having a hands-on approach from the initial design through final construction details of the homes he built, and for helping customers enjoy their building experience.

As Macfarlane Homes grew over the years, Duncan developed a strong working relationship with the best craftsmen in the Lexington area. The field experience acquired during those early years has been a part of the mutual respect between Macfarlane Homes and its subcontractors. Having a respectful relationship and using the same craftsmen from job to job makes it possible to ensure a quality product year after year.

In 1998, Macfarlane Homes moved to Charlottesville, Virginia. Having ties to the University of Virginia and the Charlottesville area, the move to Central Virginia was a natural. Duncan’s grandfather, Noble T. Macfarlane who owned The Old Ivy Inn from 1946 to 1964, always said, “Mr. Jefferson set the aesthetic standard high and that tradition of quality design and craftsmanship still stands today.”

Since Macfarlane Homes’ beginnings, Duncan has offered in house design services. Having designed and built nearly 150 homes since 1987, Duncan still gets excited about the challenge of creating a unique space that proudly reflects each client’s lifestyle. Personal attention to client’s needs and quality construction are Macfarlane Homes trademarks.

Over the past decade, building science has made great strides in discovering how houses work. As houses have become more energy efficient and home systems more complicated, the importance of an integrated whole house design approach has become an all important part of building quality homes. Since 2002, this whole house approach and the use of Structural Insulated Panels has become a standard at Macfarlane Homes.

In 2003, through his involvement in the Blue Ridge Homebuilders Association, Duncan was an integral part of the establishment of the EarthCraft of Virginia program. Over the past six years, Macfarlane Homes has built over 40 homes which offer the best in energy efficiency, indoor air quality and sustainability.

A learning environment is the most productive environment. The Macfarlane Homes staff takes pride in staying current with today’s changing technologies and offering our clients that knowledge. This dynamic environment creates beautiful, high performance homes.


"Why modern architecture? I enjoy Mozart, but it would be a sad world in which the music of Miles Davis didn't exist."

- Nic Darling